On the purpose of this site

The purpose of this website is to educate, inspire, organize, and liberate the American people.  Americans have allowed themselves to be misguided by the elected officials who continue to misinform and deceive voters for their own personal gains of power and wealth.  Our focus is to encourage the youth of America to be active in the electoral process, to ensure that their voices are valuable and heard, and to be of service in providing thought-provoking information and ideas that will give everyone perspective to understand what is really going on in our country so that we can improve it and rise together.  We are creating a neutral meeting ground, where Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can come together to express their opinions with the intention of reaching compromise and assimilation that will allow us to correct the glitches and revamp a fair and efficient model from within.  This site hosts a forum, which allows and promotes constructive, intellectual engagement with respect and consideration to the differences in opinions that are shared.   The collaborative aim is to employ a better government that accommodates the needs and interests of all it’s members, not just particular groups.  We are here to remind citizens, especially our youth, that our participation is vital to the future success and evolution of our nation into a nation that is truly united, not divided.

How do we reach our goal of uniting the nation?  For starters, we must identify the current obstacles preventing us from being one nation.  If America wants to be “Great Again,” we have to learn from the past and realize that what was good for the past is not working out in the present.  It is up to us to find a way to work together in the present, so that we can restore hope for our future.  In order for America to be successful, it has to grow and learn from it’s mistakes.  What served our Founding Fathers and ancestors does not serve our needs today.  We live in an entirely different reality than the people who founded this country in the 1700’s.  However, we do share a similar disposition to our founding ancestors.  We find ourselves being ruled by a government that serves the best interests of a small portion of it’s citizens over the highest and greatest good for all.  Our United States of America has become a United Machine of Corporations that oppresses and enslaves it’s citizens through procured debt, illness, segregation, racism, religion, violence and greed.

As a young American, who identifies as neither Republican nor Democrat, I am making an extensive effort to examine and understand the viewpoints of both parties via the voices of their followers.  My intention is to cover the issues that are separating our country.  I choose to express my thoughts through the perspective of what is best for the evolution of our nation, from one that is completely divided among reds, blues, and “I-don’t-care’s, into a nation that is United through a collective desire to be the best that it can be; we can be the best, not from a place of pride, but from a place of love for country and people.  Once this feat is accomplished, we will naturally be able to expand our love beyond country borders unto the rest of civilization.  People may initially see this as a lofty ideal, thinking that there is no room for love in politics, but my aim is to gut and restructure the entire governmental system into one where love becomes the integral frame of every law and practice.  I am not willing to settle for survivalist thinking anymore.  One thing that I have evaluated about our most recent Presidential election is how nasty the banter and insults became between the Republicans during the primary race.  There tends to be derogatory ribbing on both sides, Republican and Democrat, especially during primary elections, but this last primary seemed to stoop to unprecedented depths of defamation beyond the norm.  Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump, who claimed he would refuse to accept Cruz’ endorsement.  Both men ended up publicly accepting one another, but they fooled no one with their thin-lipped smiles, stained with contempt and disdain.  Many who condemned Trump were quick to jump on his wagon, once they figured out he was the candidate holding the seat of power.  When personal allegations like “sniveling coward,” “narcissist,” “serial philanderer,” and “pathological liar,” are swept under the rug, it is not a testament of reconciliation; it is a testament of fear and desperation to hold power at all costs.  This is the same fickle behavior that was prevalent in Hitler’s critics throughout all levels of German society during his rise to dictatorship and disparaging attempt at global domination.  Trump is not Hitler, but we can not afford to continue to slip deeper into suppression by accommodating fear-based rationale.

I am committed to inspiring my fellow Americans, and the rest of the world, to elevate our standard of thought by challenging every belief we have held onto since the days of our births.  To the young generations, we are inheriting this country.  We can choose to stand up and take back our power to ensure that we have a future that is salvageable and sustainable for generations to come.  To the older generations, I invite you to join us.  It is time to rise out of the dark ages and into the light of peace and prosperity for all.

Given that we are currently in a transition of mindsets and ideals among older and younger generations, we have to find a way to come together and put an end to the degradation of humanity and society.  Dissent and defiance based solely upon party affiliation is a detrimental hindrance to progression, and has become so turbulent and unchecked, it has resulted in government shutdowns.  Congress has repeatedly proven to be compromised and inefficient due to a complicated mess of indignity and corruption, stemming from corporate bribery and intimidation, fear of displacement, and self-serving ambition.  We can accomplish coalition if we recognize candidates who are capable of identifying with a full spectrum of voters from all parties, classes, races, and age demographics.  This website will support Tim Ryan and politicians like him, so we can have a government for the people by the people, with multiple parties that can represent the interests of the people, not money.

It is important to move forward with awareness and critical observation, and take time to get to know our state elected officials.  What are their names?  Where are they from and how did they get to where they are today?  What are their stances on key issues and have they upheld, to the best of their ability, the promises and agendas they have proclaimed?  If you take a look at the head of our justice system, where chief justices are chosen because of their loyalties and biases, it is evident why progress is so stifled by the constantly changing balance of power between the political parties.  How can justice be served from a biased place?  On that note, it is imperative to implement the same scrutiny upon ourselves that we do upon others.  Ultimately, when we are judging someone else, we are judging ourselves.  Why do the actions and policies of others trigger me to feel and think this way?  What is my own perspective on principle issues?  Are my opinions based on what I am told by my peers and elders or have I formed my own beliefs using my own critical thinking and intuition?  What speaks to my heart?  What stimulates my brain?  These are questions every citizen, young and old, could benefit from asking.  The power exists within the people, for the people, and by the people.  As long as we continue to live as sheep, the wolves will flourish to the detriment of the flock.

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