My endorsement for Tim Ryan for President

In my research thus far, I am most impressed with United States Representative Timothy John Ryan of Ohio.  Ryan has proven to be open-minded and willing to listen to the needs and opinions of the people he represents.  Tim Ryan speaks to my heart.  He has taken strong stances to voice his discontent with corporate interference among his colleagues.  To the viewers of this page, I am asking for your assistance.  Please help me to support and identify representatives like Tim Ryan, who are brave enough to stand up against corpocracy and honorably fulfill the roles and duties of genuine, respectable politicians.  In many ways, Tim Ryan is the inspiration that galvanized me into taking action.  I began by formulating a letter to thank him for restoring a glimmer of hope in my view of our political system.  As a young adult in America, I never took much interest in politics.  I examined the political arena with a jaded distaste, under the impression that my vote really did not matter.  Writing this letter was an eye-opening experience for myself, which has given me the opportunity to look within and ask important questions.  Why did I choose so early on to not be involved with politics?  Why did I feel that my voice was not important and had no power?  Why was I complacent to the reality of living like a puppet under the gold-plated strings of lawmakers and government officials who have turned their backs on the interests of the people they represent for their own personal agendas and profit?  I witnessed all of this betrayal and slipped into betrayal myself by judging them.

Mr. Tim Ryan, I believe you are a politician who is worth confiding in.  You are the type of leader who can make a substantial positive impact on the progressive improvement of this country and the world.  Your efforts to assist our educators and our students through mindfulness and health awareness are commendable.  You possess the dignified character and intelligence that could potentially unite Republican and Democratic parties to work together in collaboration for the greatest good of all, restoring our respect and honor around the globe.  You have the ability to restore faith in the American people, like myself, who have lost hope in our political system, education system, criminal justice reform, health care reform, and every government regulated function of society.  At this time, I would love it if you would whole-heartedly consider running for President in 2020.

– Garret Cornett

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